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Haybox Bread Making

Experiments in bread making

Haybox Bread Making

Following a recent "Zoom" haybox cooking workshop during the Coronovirus lockdown there was a lot of talk about making bread in a hay box. I said I would have a go, so today I did using a quick rise bread dough. Greased and lined 3 empty food cans (The ones with ring pulls to avoid cut fingers!) and put in the dough to half fill (allowing room for rising)

When the dough had risen to within an inch or so of the top of the tin it was covered with tinfoil and secured well. Popped the tins into a pan with a lid and filled with boiling water. Too much water caused the tins to capsize!

Then boiled with the pan lid on for 8 minutes. Wrapped in a towel and blanket and popped into the haybox. We left the bread for four and a half hours and indeed it was cooked. More steamed but certainly cooked. Toasted it tasted more like a muffin. Quite delicious though!

Any suggestions on other methods of bread making in a haybox? Mason jars are a good container for cooking in but you would need a pan big enough to take them!

*UPDATE: Bread making day again in readiness for a workshop held for the York Environment week.

This time I made two in the tins as suggested and another larger "loaf!" in a big jam jar with a screw top lid and lined with parchment. I boiled this for 12 minutes! Perfect!

NOTE: I used our newly acquired Mr D's Thermal Cooker for this as I was keen to try him out!

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